Best Beard Styles for Men 2018 | Images Included

Hey, He looks too sexy with this beard!

Probably this would be a wish for every man to hear from every girl, Beard is the most attracting and appealing way to present you hottest and trendier.

Every man loves to try out a beard with a unique style and every woman wishes his partner to have a matchless beard that completely shows him manly, handsome and special, in some countries a well-maintained beard refers to rich and wealthy.

Are you guys ready to check out the different style of beards that matches your facial size and shape?

There are a plenty of beard styles you can choose, but before selecting one, you need to consider some factors to check whether it is a right choice for you. Not everybody has the same characteristics, some may have little narrower beard whereas few of them will have quite broader features. So to make your research easy, here we have compiled 10 best beard styles out of all. So, read on in order to find the right type of beard style for you.

Best Beard Styles for Men

Here are some of the unique styles of beard to show you stylish, handsome and stunning in front of girls.

1. Balbo



Balbo is popular nowadays, a successful Hollywood actor Robert Downey has owned Balbo style as it matches his features quite well. Balbo is a good option for men who have a narrow chin.

How to make it?

First, let your beard to be fully grown. Wait for 4 weeks and do not shave your beard and Moustache as well. You need a good razor to achieve a careful sculpting. Use an electric razor to remove hair from both sides and a straight razor for shaping Balbo beard style appropriately.

2. Bandholz



The founder of Beardbrand is the man who popularized Bandholz style. Eric Bandholz found this style once after he found a love for his beard. He started familiarizing this style by keep posting YouTube videos and tumbler entries featured with the information regarding this beard finest condition. Gradually, he started making it as his career by enrolling new beard products such as beard oils, washes, softeners, scissors, and combs.

Bandholz is an ideal option for those who have facial shapes like triangle, inverted triangle, oblong, oval or diamond.

How to make it?

To achieve this, forget razors and scissors for months. Let your beard grow as much as you can make it genetically. The best thing about Bandholz is you can be free from maintenance for some months. All you need is patience for it to be grown completely. You can start maintaining it by shaping or little cutting after 7 months.

3. Clean Shave


Clean Shave

It is a proven fact that most of the woman like men who have a clean shaved face. But men would not rather like to go under this category. But getting into this style shows you best and good one. If you are working in a corporate, then you may need to prefer this one. A comfortable thing in this style is, anyone can pick this style and it matches all shapes.

How to make it?

First get good razors and trimmers, just take the hair off as soon as it grows.

4. Circle Beard


Circle Beard

Anyone who just wants to turn other’s concentration over to you? Then this one is a perfect choice for you. It comes with the combination of the mustache with a beard. Circle beard or standard beard is popular now and most of the business heads would prefer this style in order to get a consistent look on them. Circle beard is right optional for those who have oval and round face shapes.

How to make it?

Since it is tedious and requires little concern, it is better to approach a saloon and make it there itself. Once you get the style from the saloon, you can go with daily maintenance like trimming and shaving on your own.

5. Friendly Mutton Chops


 The beard is also known as sideburns or side whiskers.It is good for both circular and square face shapes. When you get this style, you look something superior and dominant in a positive way.

How to make it?

Wait for your sideburns and mustache meet each other. Take off the hair in the chin area and clean until the lower lip area. It looks best when you let sideburns go fluffy.

6. Full Beard


Full BeardThe full beard is one of the popular and preferred styles that you must not miss to keep in 2018. Full beard style gives attractive and manliness looks for almost all shapes as it can show facial features better. This style is much better for those whose face is Diamond, Triangle or inverted triangle.

How to make it?

It depends on your genetic growth. If you can have a hair growth all over your face, it is easy to achieve this style. Stop shaving for 6 weeks, let it grow. Use a razor and shave when it grows like medium stubbles. Use trimmers to maintain length.

7. Imperial

ImperialIn fact, this one comes under mustache style but you can get this style along with sideburns or chin beards. Moustache is what makes this style so effective, so to ensure it is simple like anything. Imperial is an ideal option for rectangular and oblong faces.

How to make it?

Before going for a razor, make sure you have grown up enough whiskers to be shaped. So you need to wait for at least 3 months to achieve this style. For, imperial, it should look natural and never disturb you while eating. Once you form a perfect shape, you can start curling both ends. For curling, you can use beard oils or wax.

8. Van Dyke

Van DykeVan Dyke was found by a popular Flemish painter from the 17th century. It is a mixture of both mustache and goatee. It matches for men with the narrow chin.

How to make it?

Shave all the hair from neck, cheek, and sideburns. Shape your beard to form inverted T. Let your beard grow longer and shape it like V, once it reaches 2 inches.

9. Extended Goatee

Extended GoateeIt is a combination of a goatee and a mustache, which is popularly known as Hollywoodian. Although it looks similar to full beard, it is different as you take off the hair on the sideburns. This style is perfect for both square and oval shapes.

How to make it?

To form extended goatee, you need to first grow medium stubble before shaping your beard. Leave your mustache as it is and take off sideburns. Adjust the width as per your preferences.

10. Stubble

There are three styles of stubbles such as short, medium and long stubbles. Short stubble is simple yet easy to maintain. Stubble

If you just don’t want to trim your short stubble, you are going to the way of medium stubble. You can grow 3mm to 5mm long for short stubble. Long stubble is extended version of medium stubble. It is quite tricky to maintain, you can develop up to 6mm long for long stubbles. All of those three match with all face shapes.

How to make it?

Don’t shave your beard and mustache for 2 to 3 days after a clean shave. Keep it short length by trimming it up, also you can trim the hair on the neck area. This maintenance can form short stubble. For medium stubble, keep the trim length within 5mm and not more than that. To maintain this style, you should trim at least once every week. For long stubble, you need to wait for one or two weeks until it reaches 6mm. To achieve this, you need a good trimmer.

So, what’s your pick?

So, which one is first on your list for 2018? It can be anything, but it needs proper maintenance and care. Use products like shampoos, oils, conditioners often to keep your beard and mustache free from bacteria.

Hope this article provides you with an essential guide to pick the right one for your face. Have a great handsome look!

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