13 Amazing Deodorants for every Indian Men 2018 | All Budget Perfumes

Does anyone love sweating?

Absolutely yes! The only time all love to sweat is when they are performing a workout for reducing their body weight or when improving their muscle strength. The reason for neglecting sweat during other situation is the bad smell they knock out.

Imagine, You take your girlfriend for a date and what if you smell bad? Or

You are having an important business meet but you are a person who sweats bad?

In this cases, you really need to look fresh, active and also smell good, the best deodorant can help you to achieve the goal easier.

Important things to note while Purchasing a perfume

There are some factors you need to look in a deodorant for getting the right one as per your skin, body type etc.

Lifestyle: Just a single brand does not fit all men when it comes to deodorants, yeah you need to choose the right perfume for your armpit based on the lifestyle.

Roll-On/Stick Vs. Spray-On: The choosing of the perfume depends on your personal preference. The first type includes more ingredients and delivers them completely into men’s armpit area and in the second case is suitable for all-around protection.

Ingredients: The important thing you need to follow is that you need to change your perfume once in six months to avoid the ingredients chemical properties. Aluminum, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan, TEA/DEA, FD&C COLORS, talc etc.

All-Time Favorite Deodorants for Men

ProductsPrice (Rs)QuantityView/Buy Product
Park Avenue Signature219 220 ml Buy Now
AXE142150 ml Buy Now
Old Spice189150 ml Buy Now
Brut272200 ml Buy Now
Nike220200 ml Buy Now
Nivea199150 ml Buy Now
Mont Blanc4932100 ml Buy Now
Garnier413150 ml Buy Now
Primal Pit Paste31072 Oz Buy Now
Dove 12842.7 Oz Buy Now
Versace9004.25 Oz Buy Now
Herban Cowboy11802.8 Oz Buy Now
Guess495150 ml Buy Now

To make our readers choose their best perfumes to stay cool, refreshing and to feel the good vibes around you, we have chosen and listed out the best and top rated deodorants below.

1. Park Avenue Signature Deo Mega Voyage for Men

Park Avenue Mens Deo

Check Price

Do you need your girlfriend fall in love with you? Believe me, this deodorants will definitely work out for you. Let me list down just some of the important features in the perfume unlike going depth into the product.

Why Choose Signature Deo?

  • Magnificent Fragrance
  • Antibacterial Properties Ingredients
  • Freshness Lock Technology offers you 8 hours of freshness along with long-lasting fragrance
  • Keeps your sweat and smell away

Price: Rs 219 for a pack of 1 and Rs 511 for a pack of 2.

2. AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant

AXE Dark Temptation Deodorant

Check Price

One of the most loved product by all men, there is a research stating that more than 50 % of men in the world love the fragrance of the AXE and they use for keep them cool and refresh throughout the day.

Why go with AXE?

  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Keeps you clean and refreshing
  • Amazing chocolate fragrance
  • Keep odor away


3. Old Spice Deodorant Spray

Old Spice Deodorant Spray

Check Price

One of the best perfume for all type of lifestyle to adapt, you can make use of them from your girlfriend dating to workplace meetings. I assure you that you will feel clean, comfortable, fresh and confident throughout the day.

Why apply Old Spice Deo?

  • Suits all type of skin
  • Provides a great impression with its individual fragrance
  • Fresh and energized feel
  • Antibacterial ingredients

Price: Rs 189 for original flavor and Rs 139 for White Water

4. Brut Original Deodorant Men Spray

Brut Original Deodorant Men Spray

Check Price

I would consider this deodorant is for a complete man as they provide the best fragrance and keep you cool, fresh and confident throughout the day you travel outside.

Why Pick Brut?

  • Excellent fragrance
  • No Bacteria causing Ingredients
  • Long lasting spray


5. Nike Original Men Deo

Nike Original Men Deo

Check Price

Do you want to make your day pleasing and unforgettable? If so, the right perfume you need to choose is undoubtedly Nike’s deodorant.

Why pick Nike?

  • Can be used for daily use
  • Can be worn anytime and can be carried with you
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Eye-Catching Purple look


6. Nivea Sports Deodorant for Men

Nivea Sport Deodorant for Men

Check Price

Are you a sportsperson and in search of a good perfume that can keep you smell good and keep you refreshing throughout your match or activities? If so, you can pick the deodorant for you from Nivea without any confusion.

Why Choose Nivea Deodorant?

  • Keeps you refreshing throughout your sport
  • Vitamins and Minerals in perfume provide you more energy as the ingredients can revitalize your skin.
  • Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Dermatologically Approved


7. Mont Blanc Spirit Legend Eau De Toilette for Men

Mont Blanc Spirit Legend Eau De Toilette for Men

Check Price

If you are the man of personality, charismatic and appearance, in need of a good deodorant to stay healthy, fresh, and confident in all situations? If so prefer to go with these Mont Blanc.

Why choose Mont Blanc Perfume?

  • Charismatic and Elegant fragrance
  • The mixture of grapefruit, lavender, cardamom, ozonic accord, cashmere wood etc provides you the pleasant fragrance.
  • 100% natural


8. Garnier Mineral Cool Roll-On Deodorant for Men

Garnier Mineral Cool Roll-On Deodorant for Men

Check Price

Most of the men who are aware of the chemical ingredients will adapt to Garnier deodorants without any hesitation as they include all features that the best perfume should contain.

Why stick to Garnier Deodorant?

  • Optimal protection is achieved with the help of instant cooling sensation
  • Dermatologist tested
  • No chances for Perspiration as they include the Anti-Perspirant technology
  • Paraben and Alcohol-free


9. Primal Pit Paste Lavender Natural Deodorant for Men

Primal Pit Paste Lavender Natural Deodorant for Men

Check Price

There is a vibe around that men love natural things, if you are the person with same thought then this deodorant is completely for you.

Why stick with Primal Pit Paste Deodorant?

  • Original and natural deodorant
  • No toxic chemicals used
  • Handcrafted
  • Baking soda helps in neutralizing the odor-causing bacteria
  • Keep you refreshing and active all day


10. Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant for Men

Check Price

If you are looking for the Sensitive Shield spray for keeping good vibes and fresh surrounding then you can prefer choosing Dove deodorants without any confusion.

Why Choose Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant?

  • Clinically proven
  • There are no chances for irritations as they include a non-irritant formula.
  • 48 hours wellness and odor protection
  • ¼ moisture technology


11. Versace All Natural Crystal Men Deodorant

Versace All Natural Crystal Men Deodorant

Check Price

An amazing product which comes with twist-up stick perfect for all men and suits all lifestyle. Stay fresh, confident and refreshing during all your day with these attractive fragrance filled deodorant from Versace.

Why buy Versace Deodorant?

  • Crystal Deodorant and therefore prevent odor naturally
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Healthy, effective and safe deodorant with extraordinary fragrance.
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Recommended by centers for cancer treatment worldwide
  • Acts as a protective barrier against the odor causing bacterias


12. Herban Cowboy Forest Men Deodorant

 Herban Cowboy Forest Men Deodorant

Check Price

Are you looking for a perfume for both fragrance and armpit protection? Guys, if you are the sort of person you can stick with these attractive vibes filled deodorant without any hesitation.

Why stick to Herban Cowboy Deodorant?

  • Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Free of odor-causing bacterias
  • No harsh chemical used
  • Dries super fast
  • Free from Aluminium chloro hydrate, triclosan etc
  • Maximum protection for your armpit.


13. Guess Homme Body Deodorant Seductive Spray for Men

Guess Homme Body Deodorant Seductive Spray for Men

Check Price

Are you in need of a Deodorants and antiperspirants in just a single formula? If so, you can get stick with this body spray from Guess without any hesitation, the manufacturer is one of the best beauty brands who develops many attractive products for their customers at an affordable rate.

Why Choose Guess Seductive Deodorant?

  • Crisp and bracing fragrance
  • Unique and magnetic feel around your surrounding once applying the deodorants
  • Sexy and appealing confidence over you.
  • Clean cut scent


Bottom Line

Not only your body, choosing a right deodorant makes you and your surroundings feel fresh and smell good. Anyone who doesn’t want to make your loved one fall for you? Definitely not, right? Choose the one above and express your love to your soulmate today!

Hope the above picks are useful while choosing a right one for you. Any other deodorant are you currently using and want to suggest others? Register below in the comment section.

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