Top 3 Best Baby Diapers Of 2018

Babies!!! Aww so cute!!!

Nothing can bring the joy like having a cute, reddish and beautiful baby in your home, even your stress, health issues and other problem will fly way if you start playing with them.

Babies are God’s gift to their parents, as a mom and dad it’s your responsibility to take care of them so that they stay safe, happy and energetic without any issues.

When considering Diapers, they play an important role in your parenthood, yeah choosing the reputed brand who develops top-notch quality diapers are must as there are high chances for rashes and other huge problems to occur in your baby bumps and other body areas if you are grabbing a wrong manufacturer or type.

Today we will check out the top 3 best diapers you can choose from the best quality and top rated brands along with their buying guide in depth below.

Top 3 Best Diapers 2018

Proceed below to have a glance look at the top three best baby diapers of 2018

ProductsPrice(Rs)SizeView/Buy Product
Pampers722Medium Size Buy Now
MamyPoko656Medium Size Buy Now
Huggies561Medium Size Buy Now

I have ordered the diapers in terms of their performance, quality, customer reviews, ratings, price, reputation and much more.

Pampers Baby Diaper Pants

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Pampers is one of the well know reputed brand who are popular for their different diaper types, this product has captured the first place in our best baby disposable diapers.

Why Pick Pampers Baby Diaper Pants?

  • Here are some of the top reasons why you can stick with pampers pant for your kids.
  • Capable of maintaining dryness throughout night or 12 hours of regular use.  
  • Comes with a magic gel which locks the wetness for an extended period and therefore provides the best comfort to your baby.
  • Developed with Leg Cuffs and breathable soft belt for even air circulation and therefore keep your baby skin soft and fresh.
  • There are three revolutionary extra absorb channels to keep the wet way.
  • Flexible waistband helps in adapting to the baby waist and their movements.
  • Baby lotion, which helps in keeping your baby skin from irritation and rashes.

MamyPoko Extra Absorbent Baby Pants

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If you are looking for the diapers with extra absorbing wetness then you can choose MamyPoko pants without any hesitation and this ranks second in our best baby diapers selection list.

Why Choose MamyPoko?

  • Comes with Crisscross Absorbent which is capable of absorbing 7 glasses of urine.
  • Even distribution of wetness and therefore the diaper does not go heavy.
  • Comes with stretchable thigh support which prevents leakage of urine as they come with thigh gaps.
  • Prevent dryness for a period of 12 hours effectively and therefore no chances for redness, irritation or leakages.

Huggies Wonder Baby Diaper Pants

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I hope all would be aware of the most popular brand Huggies, as they have delivered dozens of successful diapers for their customers, they develop products as per the standard rules, this ranks third in our best diaper pant picks.

Why Prefer Huggies Wonder Pants?

  • Best bet for providing comfort and support to your baby.
  • Cushion soft cotton materials prevent your skin from rashes and other irritation.
  • Excellent absorbing of wetness around 12 hours.
  • There is a dry touch sheet which keeps your baby dry throughout the night.
  • The super stretchy material can be compared to a mother’s hug so your baby will feel comfort when wearing them.
  • Comes with Double Leakguard and therefore no need of worrying about leakage.

Baby Diapers – Buying Guide

Have you chosen a product from above list? If so, it’s recommended to check out our different types of diapers before you make them yours.

Baby Diapers – Types

There are different kinds of baby diapers available, here are some of the common types available below.

Standard Disposable Diapers:

The diapers of this types can be used in nighttime as they are developed with extra absorbing material to ensure dryness throughout the night.

Training pants or Underwear Diaper:

The diaper of this types resembles underwear and helps older infants in the case of potty training phase, the diaper can be compared with the disposable pull up pants but looks like piece of clothing and larger when compared to the disposable diaper.

Pull Ups:

The diaper of this style can be worn like pants which provides the maximum convenience for your babies.

Swim Diapers:

The diapers are made primarily for outdoor uses like when you travel with your baby to beach, pool etc, these diapers are designed to be elastic and have extra cuffs around your baby thighs to prevent leakage.

Preemie Diapers:

The diapers of this style are developed especially for the preterm infants and look similar to the standard disposable diapers and smaller in size. The diaper comes with a provision that accommodates the umbilical cord stub along the waist band.

Bottom Line

Hey guys, have you decided the right diaper for your baby? What are your views on these diapers?

Have you used these diapers for your babies before? Which would be the best bet among all? Share your experience so that other mommies and daddies will also come to know about the best brand and diaper to choose for their cuties.


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