Top 10 Affordable Computer/Gaming/Mobile phone Headsets 2018

What would you prefer when you just have broken up the relationship with your girl friend or boyfriend? Many would try practices like hanging out with friends and trying to ignore the awful moments. But some may prefer to spend the time alone with their favorite music/songs. Yes, most of the girls prefer!

Music is not just for people who are in love or people who are broken up; it is a common relaxation option that most of the people prefer especially office workers and creative thinkers. So, there is no surprise that people can do anything to buy relaxation and they go any extends to make their stressful day refreshing.

Because when it comes to music head set plays an essential role to produce joy in you. For all music lovers and people who love to hear music when they feel fed up with work pressure, we have listed out a directory of affordable, trendy and quality head sets.

Choosing the right one for your PC/ Mobiles is something a daunting process, especially when it comes to choosing the one according to your body sensation. There are a lot of models for different purposes available in the market but you should prefer the right one. Before moving to the list, you should know how to choose the ideal one for you while scrolling online shopping sites.

Top 10 Affordable Headsets 2018

Proceed below to check out some of the best selling headsets for your mobile, laptop or for gaming purposes in depth.

ProductsPrice (Rs)Special FeatureView/Buy Product
Motorola885stylish and HD quality sound Buy Now
Kotion Each
849Comfort Gaming Buy Now
Steel Series
499Shifts color Buy Now
Hyper X5199TeamSpeak Certified Buy Now
Envent1499Long Lasting Buy Now
Kotion Each4469Noise Isolation Pads Buy Now
Sades1349Foldable Microphone Buy Now
Kotion Each1099Dual Output Buy Now
Genius350Simple & Affordable Buy Now
Redragon549Sleek & Light Weight Buy Now

1.Motorola On-ear Headphone

Motorola On-ear Headphone

Check Price

Opt to the Headphone for the following characteristics!

  • Dimensions: 18*6*17 cm
  • HD quality sound
  • Designed with 36mm drivers, which deliver quality sound and great bass
  • Light weight (99.8g) and foldable
  • Best choice for travelers
  • In-line microphone featured for hands-free calling

2. Kotion Each GS410 Headphones 

Kotion Each GS410 Headphones

Check Price

Here are some reason why you need to adapt to Kotion GS410 Headphones

  • Gaming headset, perfect option for gamers
  • Ideal for playing games, listening music, etc.
  • Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad guarantee for gaming long hours
  • Brings clear sound and deep bass
  • Smart in-line remote controls sound and Mic
  • Flexible microphone makes exact positioning

3. Steel Series Gaming Headset

Steel Series Gaming HeadsetCheck Price

Wow! the headset is filled with these many characteristics? 

  • Shift color according to the Sim’s emotional state
  • Crisp and detailed in-game audio
  • Soft ear cushions offer long hour comfort
  • Light weight design makes you wear for long hours
  • Integrated microphone and quick mute button attached
  • USB connection for PC and Mac available

4. Hyper X Gaming Headset

Hyper X Gaming Headset

Check Price

Check out the Wow factors of the Hyper X Gaming Headsets below. 

  • Headband made of 100% memory foam
  • Detachable microphone, Dynamic headphones
  • Used closed cup design to avoid external noise
  • Compatible with PC & Mac
  • Condenser type microphone, 3.5mm mini stereo plug
  • Enhanced bass reproduction delivers HD sound and bass

5. Envent Dual Pairing Bluetooth Headphone

Envent Dual Pairing Bluetooth Headphone

Check Price

Why you need to choose Envent Headsets? 

  • Compatible with all smartphones, laptops, etc
  • Digital signal processing echo cancellation technology used
  • Built-in Mic makes calls easier
  • Can connect two mobiles at same time (dual pairing)
  • Uninterrupted music is guaranteed even when your battery gets drained
  • Long battery life

6. Kotion Each B3506 Bluetooth Headphones 

Kotion Each GS400 Ear Headsets

Check Price

Following are some reason why you need to stick with the B3506 Bluetooth Headphones! 

  • Audio cable included
  • Comes with wireless headset with Microphone
  • Easy access controller (power on/off, answer/reject/redial/calls, pause/play/reverse, keys)
  • Padded with soft protein leather, which gives comfortable for use
  • Fold-able gaming headset so easy to carry
  • Fits all head sizes

7. Sades SA 708 Stereo Gaming Headsets

Sades SA 708 Stereo Gaming Headsets

Check Price

Check out the best qualities of the Stereo Headsets below! 

  • Designed uniquely style and hidden microphone shows perfect appearance
  • Featured with volume control and muted function
  • Soft PU leather cushion head pad used for comfort
  • Comes in black and blue colors
  • Weight: 272 g and Dimensions: 24*22*9
  • Best for long gaming

8. Kotion Each GS400 Ear Headsets

Kotion Each GS400 Ear Headsets

Check Price

Here are some of the best factors of the Ear headsets!

  • Ideal for gaming, listening to music and etc
  • Adjustable length hinges guarantees long hour gaming
  • Soft cushion gives comfort
  • Smart in-line remote control for sound and Mic
  • LED lights on the ear cups make it look fashionable
  • Featured with volume controller and fold able Mic for easy carrying

9. Genius HS-M200C HandsetGenius HS-M200C HandsetCheck Price

Wow Amazing Headsets! Most of the positive reviews from the customer for this Genius HS-M200 C Handset

  • Looks simple but standard
  • Comes in black color
  • Included single jack headset and microphone headset
  • Weights up to 59 g and Dimensions; 6*19*24 cm
  • Quality output/ Stereo bass/ quality sound
  • Comes in affordable price

10. Redragon Garuda H101 Gaming Headphones

Redragon Garuda H101 Gaming Headphones

Check Price

Check out the important reasons why need to adapt to this affordable headsets below!

  • Compatible with any PC, Mac, mobile and tablet devices
  • Adjustable headband for perfect fit
  • Comes with LED indicators, high sensitive microphone
  • Stereo sound with high pitch and quality bass
  • Individual vibrate and volume button
  • Used breathable memory foam ear cushion

Remember the following while you look for a best head set in the market…

Explore the Types available

In Ears:

In-ear headphones are smallest, light weighted and portable option among all different kinds of headsets. These headsets are also known as In-Ear Monitors and the ear buds are perfectly designed to easily fit in your ear canal. It comes in the size of 8-10mm that can be easily wrapped and stored. It is best for wearing long hours so best while commuting and traveling.


On-ears are much bigger than in-ears, which are also known as Supra-aural headphones. These ear phones are designed with larger driver castings along with the head bands that keep your ear cups to be placed securely on your ears. These are comfortable as they use 30-40mm drivers and can be folded up to pack easily.


Over-ears are the largest among all kind of head sets and the most comfortable than others. These headsets are also known as around ears headphones. These headsets have larger driver castings, with headband and the ear cups can completely wrap around your ears. For the larger casting, the drivers also designed larger and goes up to 45mm.

Know the specialized head phones

You should know some specifications of the headphones before buying them; some headphones are come with noise canceling technology indulged, and headsets to enhance better gaming experience and some come available wireless. The noise-canceling technology can help you reducing out side noise, gaming headsets are specially designed for gamers and wireless headsets are best for travelers.

The performance

The quality of the headset is based on the range of the audio and the materials used for manufacturing. Normally headsets are available in lower price, but avoid buying products that are too cheaper in the market as the materials used for manufacturing can be low in quality. Prefer headsets with noise canceling feature as noise is the primary thing to take your consideration in headsets.

Compatibility with your hardware

Clear with the hardware requirements for headset that you are going to buy. Are you going to use the headset for computer/mobile or any other device? Make sure of the hardware’s specifications before buying them; as a result you will come to know which one would be ideal for your device.

Final Words

Are you ready to go for a purchase? You must be! As a music lover you need to choose the right headset to enhance your mood better with the situation and to boost to your heart and mind. NO wonder that music gives you peace of mind and this review blog will help you achieving it.

Thanks for reading!

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