Top 7 Skin Care Tips for Summer 2018 | Men & Women

Summer is up!

I can see both men and women searching for best skin care tips to follow this summer 2018 and I am here to help you guys in providing you some cool tips that will really work for a clear, attractive and glowing skin.

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Dermatologist and other skin professionals advise people to follow this three simple golden rules for having a fresh and beautiful skin during this summer season.

  • Keep your skin clean and take necessary actions to avoid Dust and Sweat
  • Tomato and Lemon play an important role to refresh your skin.
  • Never fail to take bath twice a day so that you will feel cool and active.

Apart from the above rules, another exemplary idea is to have an attractive and healthy lifestyle in any season and time is to follow our Indian  Flag Colors. Confused?

Saffron – Make sure you take these color fruits in your daily diet so that your skin look natural and alluring.

White – Try to avoid white color foods to the core as there are high chances for obesity and dull skin.

Green – Take at least one green vegetable daily to remain healthy and away from any diseases.

Top 7 Skin Tips for this Summer 2018!

Is there anyone who doesn’t love to look beautiful? None!

You might have followed many tips to keep your skin look more attractive, some might have failed and few might have worked well.

Believe me, the below listed cool tips will never disappoint you!

1. Exfoliation

The first rule in taking caring of your skin is to exfoliate your skin. Do you know that your body releases a plenty of skin cells every minute per day? Yeah, it’s your responsibility to get rid of them so that you can avoid your skin from the dry and dull appearance.

No matter what type of costly lotion or cream you use, you are not going to be the victim of good looking natural skin if you not exfoliating.

How to Exfoliate?

Hit the shower by doing a body scrub, you need to perform the exfoliation from the shoulders down in a circular motion and rinse clean.

Make sure you continue the process at least two to three times a week for having a beautiful, alluring and glowing skin.

2. Make Use of Sunscreen

I have seen people using sunscreens for a large duration, but the fact is that they are not made to last for a long time. Get a sunscreen which includes UVA & UVB products that come in SPF 30 & SPF 70.

How to use?

Ensure you are using a full teaspoon for your face and shot glass full of sunscreen for your body, you need to apply again every one to two hours you stay under the sun.

3. Say no to High Makeup during Summer!

Many dermatologist advice their users to go for minimal makeup during the summer season, natural looks are the best under the intolerant skin.

How to apply?

Are you using foundation for your skin? If so, it’s good to apply face powder that indulges SPF so that you can avoid the patchy skin.

In Order to protect your lips, you need to try out lip balm or gloss with an SPF 15 so that your lips stay fresh and glossy. Do not go for any eye makeup during the summer as they may bring irritation to your eyes.

4. Staying Hydrated is Mandatory!

One should drink at least eight glasses of water in a day, if you are in a plan of going out then you need to carry water bottles with you.

What to do?

Make sure you drink at least drink water once in 30 minutes so that you remain hydrated, fresh and also wash away the toxins from your body.

5. Feet! Do not forget them

It’s advised to get a pedicure or any scrubs to get rid of the dead dry skin, ensure you are choosing the sandal that keeps your feet dry inside so that your feet remains fresh without any sweat.

How to keep your feet soft?

Take a foot scrub and go for a shower, follow this process few times a week to see a huge difference in your feet.

6. Pay attention to your clothes

Stick with Lighter and cotton fabrics during the summer so that you can tackle the heat in a legitimate way.

What should you Neglect?

Avoid tight clothes as they cause irritation, cause more sweat in your body. Following the process for the longer process may result in serious skin infections, so have a look at the clothes you are wearing during the summer.

7. Repairing Skin Damage is must

Worried that your skin is damaged? There are many reasons for it. Coarse skin, brown spots, wrinkles etc are some identifications that you have a sun burnt skin.

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How to stop it?

Inorder to get rid of them you can make use of some good age-fighting ingredients so that it helps in preventing the ageing effects of UV rays.

Any other tips for men or women to follow during this summer? Shoot out your queries or  ideas through the comment section below.

We are waiting to hear from you!

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