7 Tricks to Extend your Android Battery Life

Technology has tremendously developed! We have been seeing this for almost half-decade, massive usage of smartphones is the visible example of it. If you go out, you can rarely find people without smartphones. Probably, those rare people would be either seniors or kids.

The mobile phone is the only object you spend most of your time with and it knows about you more than any person does. Mobile phones are used for various purposes such as for consuming information, gaming purposes even for utilizing your leisure time too. Anyhow, you are using it often and all the time in many forms.

There are plenty of mobile phones available in the market with various features inbuilt, but all of them confront a common issue ‘battery draining’. It is common for all smartphones as it involves in HD display with a list of features that really consumes battery power.

Many smartphones come with long-lasting battery feature, but day passes it gradually loses its capacity of holding battery power for a long time. You will need long hours battery power always, but especially if you are engaged with longer traveling. So with this in mind, we have some tips to increase battery life for Android smartphones.

Minimize Vibrations

Eccentric Rotation Mass vibration is a little motor that every smartphone has. This motor works by rotating loads and produces vibration. Having vibration mode consumes little power that can drain battery easily, so make them disabled. You can do this through settings>>Sound option and you will find the vibration tab; disable the ‘vibrate on’ button.


The display is the second most reason, which leads battery drainage. Apart from using the internet, you should also be keen on having appropriate display settings in order to keep longer battery life. Go to settings>> Display and adjust the options like brightness, activating the sleeping mode and deactivating proximity wake. It is recommendable to use dark wallpaper or use nigh mode if possible.

Disable Auto Sync and Backup Options

Many apps have set autosaving by default. When it comes to images and videos, some apps may find auto back up and sync to it whenever network gets on. Auto-syncing is the main factor which leads to high battery power drainage. Change this setting to settings>>app data and limit the background data usage when it is not in use.

Clear Recent Apps Often

Clear recent apps as soon as you exit from the app. Keep ‘recents’ panel clean once you are done with the app usage. Keep widgets on the home screen minimum, and do update the apps and delete the unwanted apps or the apps that are rarely used.


Turning off animations options is also a way of increasing battery life, you can change the settings in De3veloper option. If it is not available by default, you can go settings>>About phone and click on build number. Now you will be able to find Developer settings, in which you will see three options such as Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. You need to turn them off in order to improve battery life.

Disable Wireless Services When Not in Use

Wireless services such as Bluetooth and wi-fi consume lots of battery power. When it is activated your mobile keeps searching for signals and resulting in heavy drainage. So make sure you put these options off with GPS disabled. If you expect no calls from anybody, put your mobile phones in airplane mode especially while you are traveling.

Turn Off Notifications

It is so annoying when some notifications come in the middle of something when you are interestingly using it. It is not only annoying it equally consuming battery power too. In order to save battery, you can turn off the notifications for all the apps. You can get this by going to settings>>notifications there you will see app specific settings. You can turn off specific app all of them by clicking ‘block all’ option. This is a great way to improve your battery life.

Had been looking for tips and finally found here? Do write what you feel above these tips on improving android battery life in the below comment section.

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